Books In My Hands

Reading Round Up

To be really honest, I’m sure I don’t read as much as I should. And not as much as I’d like to. Some things get in the way of that. Things like writing, working, and launching my own book out into the world. However, I do usually have at least a couple books in progress, and I’m happy to share! Here’s what I’m reading or have just recently finished.

Negative Space

I just finished this awesome memoir by Lilly Dancyger. In it she tells the story of how she works through her grief over her father’s passing during her childhood, through investigating his life through his art. Through it, she grieves, mourns, heals, and learns to love her father in a new way.

China as a 21st Century Naval Power

Okay, not my usual fare, but I recently attended an excellent conference (as part of my day job) on engineering and communication trends in the Navy, and was inspired to educate myself about China and its maritime goals and strategies. I’m just getting into McDevitt’s comprehensive look at China’s naval growth and what it might mean for the US.

Cold: Three Winters at the South Pole

I just finished Wayne White’s memoir of his three winters serving as the Site Manager of the National Science Foundation’s South Pole science station. Although I think he may have been served better with a stronger editor, the stories of life in the complete darkness of the South Pole’s 8 month long winter, where temps would easily drop to 100 below 0, were engaging. A quick, entertaining, and educational read.