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Screenshot – Wylde Wings

Wylde Wings – A Review

Wylde Wings (Hope Well Books, 2022), written by Kate Ristau and illustrated by Brian W. Parker, is my favorite read so far this year. This middle grade fantasy/adventure is packed with everything I love in a contemporary fantasy, including helpful owls, a badass grandmother and lots of tacos. The story centers around Gwyn, a kid […]

Moth Me

Book Review: Me (Moth)

Amber McBride’s novel, Me (Moth), is written in verse, sparse, delicate, weighty and thick, all at the same time. The story focuses on Moth, a 16-year-old grieving the loss of her family after a car accident. Isolated and overflowing with survivor’s guilt, Moth connects with a Sani, a boy struggling through his own pain. This […]