Marley Dias Gets It Done

When Marley Dias was an 11-year-old voracious reader, but she was disturbed that most of the books for her age group didn’t have main characters that looked like her. In fact, she thought most of them were about white boys and their dogs. Now, as much as I love a good Henry and Ribsy book, I’m all for books that represent all of our readers. I mean, who doesn’t want to envision themselves as the main character of what they’re reading? So in 2015 Marley started a campaign to gather up and distribute books featuring black girls as the main character. Her campaign, “1000 Black Girl Books” was widely successful.

Marley Dias at the Forbes Summit

Marley didn’t stop and in 2018 she published her own book, Marley Dias Gets It Done: And So Can You. Here’s a quick link to check it out:

Way to go, Marley!

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