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So back in 2020, my son was 15 and we bumbled into online learning, along with all the other high school students across the country. At the time, I was working with the Job Corps program and helping try to connect all those Job Corps teenagers into online learning (not to mention support our teachers who were trying desperately to learn and adapt to this new modality). In all aspects of my life, I was dealing with online learning challenges. I only wish I’d known about ConneXions Tutoring back then (

As much as I love books and writing, my favorite topic is when I get to write about young people doing amazing things. ConneXions was started in 2020 by Ankitha Kumar, a high school student who was living the same crazy online challenges as my own son. She decided to do something about it. She started ConneXions with a group of other high school students to provide free virtual tutoring in all kinds of subjects. Students can sign up for up to two live virtual sessions a week with their tutor.

The organization has expanded in the last two years. The Executive Director and the tutors are always high school students, and currently there are 13 tutors to choose from.  The site lists their expertise and shares some information about who they are, what their specialties are, and some of their interests. There are also two college advisors now (Ankitha is now at Emory University and is a college advisor on the site), offering high school students advice about college applications and assistance with college essays.

So if you need some tutoring or some help with college, check out this incredible resource. Way to go, Ankitha – making a difference in this world!

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